Black Light / Black Death Part the Third: Mixdown is Finished.

You know, I’m always apologizing for being slow posting about my recording projects.  But the more I think about it, the less reasonable this seems.  Because when I’m recording or mixing, I’m not posting.   And of course, the blog is not nearly so interesting as the music.  So maybe I can consider these long pauses to be other-than-bad.

They're small, but their numbers are many.

That’s right, more than 7 reels of tape for mixdown alone. They may be small, but their numbers are legion.

It’s interesting, because the analog recording process results in the music taking on a physical form.  In my preferred mode, that’s the length of tape which contains the music.  This form can be manipulated physically.

For example, it can be sliced up into bits and randomly reassembled.  Or a piece can be hacked out, turned around backwards, and spliced back in.  Or you can flip the tape over and play it backwards… and you can record stuff forwards while it’s playing backwards… then flip it back and play it forwards while what you just recorded is now reversed. You can distress the tape by stretching it or crumpling it, which affects the way the tape crosses the playback head, which alters the sound reproduced by the tape deck.   I did all this stuff and more during tracking and mixdown.  Which is now finished.

Of course, one can emulate many of these effects using a computer.  Nothing wrong with that.  But using a computer to manipulate files is not the same thing, and different procedures produce different results.

Anyway.  It’s done.  The preliminary track list contains five songs:

  • Black Death Girl
  • The North Shore
  • She’s Haunting
  • The Coming Apocalypse Will Be Privatized
  • Black Light

There may be a couple extra goodies involved as well.  You know: out-takes, alternate mixes, The Hotrod of the Apocalypse, stuff like that.

As things stand at the moment, everything’s been transferred to the digital domain and all that’s left is to schedule a session with mastering guru Dirk Malavase.  I’ll keep you posted.


About andysmash

North Coast punk-rocker/theologian. A good head for gears and an eye on the far horizon. DIY recording artist and frontman for the Rust Belt Hotrods.
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